Come on,lets go rock hunting
old hounds may come along

warning! old hounds must keep up with bunch

On these pages you will find things of interest to young rock-hounds
There are pages about rocks,minerals & fossils.You can learn about dinosaurs , volcanos and earth-quakes.Maybe even some pages of fun and games

Pebble pup?? What is a pebble pup?
>> Why,that's a young rockhound.
>>Well,now that's not much help.I never heard of a rockhound. What kind of dog is that?
>> It's not a dog,it's a person who collects rocks.
>> Why would anyone want to collect rocks?
>> You can make a lot of nice things from them or just put them in a rock garden . Some rocks are beautiful just the way nature made them.Others need to be cut and polished. They can then be made into jewelry and other things.
>> That sounds like fun, how can I become a rockhound?
>> The best way is to find a club near you and join them. They usually have equipment you can use and will help you get started.Here is a link to a list of clubs from every state. rockhound club listVisit one near you,they will be glad to see you.

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